As for historical events, in my time this one is really up there at the top. The repercussions are still being felt now. And in our present geo-political context, I think it’s good for me to revisit this seminal moment in contemporary history. I am a freelance photographer and was working with a performance/theatre group as the events unfolded.

Theatre Antonin Artaud was well know in West Berlin, for their real, gothic/symbolic, experimental, cruel, and intergral theatre performances. This time, they built a ship, using the base of a trailer as the core idea. Aluminium sheets and scaffolding pipes made the rest. This ship was towed by a tractor to Anhalter Banhof, one of the main train stations destroyed during the war leaving one massive facade standing. Performances every night, cold nights, beers and conversation afterwards, one of us sleeping aboard to watch the ship.

The party is over.

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