Over 10, 000’s supporters of the anti-vaccination movement march through the streets of London. From Parliament square to Shepherds Bush, large groups of people walk denouncing the government-imposed lockdown and the possibility of a vaccine certificate. Made up of people who hold that the covid 19 pandemic is a conspiracy by the government, other world institutions, and individuals, they campaign for the right to not be vaccinated or have to be in lockdown.

A very heteroclite crowd of neo-hippies, far right-wing groups or English nationalists, and some totally unaffiliated individuals seem to have found a common ground in denouncing the “covid hoax”. Some do aggressively ask bystanders to remove their masks, and others question the loyalty of the paramedics present who are there to help the crowd.

Most of the march through London was peaceful and almost exuberant, with women, men, and children walking the streets of London.

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