At the Jungle, a camp of refugees on the outskirts of Calais, near the ferry port, French and British NGOs organised a march of solidarity for the refugees living there.

An association with Auberge des Migrants, CalAid, Medicins du Monde, and Caritas came together to organise a rally in support of the 4,500 refugees and migrants living in the “the Jungle”, a collection of tents and temporary buildings, built on public land not far from the ferry port. Conditions are extreme, which reminds me of the slums in Nairobi, or Mumbai. Several actions took place in order to sensitive the media and governments on the plight of the inhabitants. Petitions are signed, a wall for painting messages, and the “I AM…” poster, meant to bring a name and place to the individuals living in the camp.

The event is a success in that it brought out the refugees from the scalar of the camp, and showed the solidarity between the members of the public, who came from Belgium, Britain, France, Holland, and the refugees.

Donations are coming in from individuals, grass root organisations, and the Church, who were represented by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Ashford, and the French Bishop of Assas. The main concern of the refugees and the NGOs working on the ground is the coming of winter. Due to the wet grounds, and potential outbreak of diseases, pallets and stronger constructions are needed to provide shelter to the men, women and children living in the camp, waiting for an opportunity to cross over in England.


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