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Albums Page : 2017

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Barcelona, 10/10/2017, Catalan Parliament meet to decide about the referendum results.

As the Catalan parliament gather in the Parliament, Pro independantists gather outside and await the speech by the president, Carles Puigdemont. He do...

London, 2017/10/21, Protest for the release of Catalan political prisoners

As the Spanish governement suspends the Catalonian parliament, pro independent catalan demonstrate in London, calling the release of the Political Pri...

London, March4Europe 09/09/2017.

As the the British government retreats into a cloak and dagger situation around the leadership of their Prime minister Theresa May, several thousands...

London, 24/09/2017, Demo for Human Right in Philippines.

A small group of human right activists and concerned citizen gather in front of the Houses of Parliament, to protest against the abuses taking place i...

Hamburg, 06/07/2017. G20 Summit, Protests and Activism, Day 3.

Hamburg, 07/07/2017. G20 Summit, Protests and Activism, Day 2.

Hamburg, 06/07/2017. G20 Summit, Protests and Activism, Day 1.

'Welcome To Hell'

London 18/06/2017 Grenfell Tower: The Prayers

A series of photos on Latimer Road, near the Grenfell tower. Prayers by Ethiopians, Eritreans, Philippinos, and the multitude of other nationalities w...

London, 21/06/2017, Grenfell Tower: The March

From Shepherds Bush park to Parliament Square through Downing Street, for a total of 10km on a very hot day, activists from the Movement for Justice,...