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London, 07/05/2017, French Presidential Election results

Photographed at the residence of the French Ambassador and the Square Pig pub in Holborn. Click on the image to see a larger version.

NoMuslimBan demo, 04 Feb 2017, London.

A march from the US embassy to the front of Downing street drew several thousands of protesters against the Trump's administration's ban of citizens f...

DiEM25 UK launch, Conway Hall, London 012017.

DiEM25 UK launch at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square. Brian Eno (Musician, Activist), Yannis Varouflakis (Co-founder, Economist), Srecko Horvat (co-founde...

March for Ricky Bishop, Brixton, 20 11 2016

Doreen Jjuuko is the mother of Rickey Bishop. She has been campaigning for justice for her son's death. Today they gather in Windrush Square, Brixton,...

LONDON GB, 01 October 2016. Rage 4 Aleppo protest.

As the incessant and destructive bombing of Aleppo continues relentlessly, the Syrian community and supporters express their rage in the streets of Lo...

Luthier in Athens 2012.

As I was meandering the streets of Athens in 2012, the time of the elections, I came upon this repair shop. The Luthier welcomed me in and I was able...

“Esquisse d’un lieu” – Barreiro. (Lisbon, Portugal.)

A series of photos made during a 10 day residency in Barreiro, on the other side of the river Teijo.

20’s revival summer jazz party, 2011.

A series of portraits made against a black theatre cloth as background, strung between 2 small barns. Near Alton, in Hampshire, a 1920's jazz party ki...